5 renovated and restored buildings you need to visit in Exeter

As roofing contractors in Exeter, we aim to provide reliable and trustworthy roofing services in heritage, slating and tiling. Rather than imposing any sense of modernity or reordering for modern convenience on the heritage buildings we work on, we work to bring out the historic character of the place, thus drawing out the original beauty. Maintenance and repair are needed to tackle the inevitable decay and deterioration of building fabric that occurs because of climatic conditions, wear and tear by building users, neglect or other threats. Here in Exeter, we’re lucky to have such an array of wonderfully renovated and restored buildings, not to mention our very own cathedral. Here’s our top 5 to visit:

• The Imperial Pub, (a grade II listed building) was previously known as Elmfield House built in 1810 for the County Surveyor James Green. Being roofing contractors, Exeter’s famous barrel-vaulted conservatory, known as the Orangery, is a particular favourite of ours. Dr William Buller Henderson, who purchased the property in 1897 before it became the Imperial Hotel between 1923 and 1994, added the feature. It was in the late 1980’s that the Williams-Hawkes family who had run the hotel for forty years sold to a Plymouth accountant. It almost became an annex of Exeter College before Wetherspoons purchased it in August 1994, spending £1.5 million on the refurbishment, to open to the public on 14th March 1996. The upper floors were converted into 9 self-contained apartments. The original lodge and coach house at the lower entrance are also dwellings.

• Tuckers Hall – home to The Incorporation of Weavers, Fullers & Shearmen – is the historic guild of Exeter’s ancient cloth trade. Now grade II listed, but formerly a chapel, The Guilds and Incorporation have existed in Exeter for nearly 600 years and have occupied Tuckers Hall since 1471. Both the Incorporation and the Hall have a remarkable story with a glorious and continuous history. The Incorporation is recognized as one of the few surviving established provincial Guilds with strong links to associated City of London Guilds.

• Customer House is the most historical brick building in the entire city. Built around 1680 at the height of Exeter’s woollen cloth industry, it is often regarded as the oldest Custom House in Britain. It formed part of a newly remodelled quayside. The long warehouse known as Quay House (now housing the Quay House Interpretation Centre) was constructed at the same time and is also a building of great historic importance.

• The Guildhall is a building of outstanding architectural interest, an ancient monument and a busy working building. It has functioned as a prison, a courthouse, a police station, a place for civic functions and celebrations, a city archive store, a woollen market hall and as the meeting place for the City Chamber and Council. On an upper balcony in the main hall the City’s silver is on display – a Long Sword and Cap of Maintenance that were said to have been presented to Exeter by Henry VII after Perkin Warbeck tried to usurp the throne in 1497. A sword that belonged to Admiral Nelson and the silver control handle from Exeter’s first electric tram in 1905 are also housed in the display cases. As England’s most historic municipal building, it’s definitely worth a visit.

• The Cathedral – last but not least! Dating back to the 10th century, the cathedral truly is one of the city’s most historic buildings and one which makes us heritage roofing contractors feel very proud. The Cathedral gives the city of Exeter its rich distinct identity. It’s a wonderful example of gothic architecture, but the conservation, renovation and restoration to keep it in its current state is vital and constantly on-going. Remember, we are the roofing contractors Exeter locals can rely on to provide all types of roofing. So if you have a roofing job that needs doing, look no further.

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