Get Your Chimney Stack Repairs Sorted in Time for Winter!

Chimneys require regular maintenance in order for them to perform their primary function, ventilating your home. To do this, it is necessary for all parts of the chimney to be perfectly operational. Chimney stack repairs are often a neglected part of the entire process, even though, as the most visible part of the chimney, the stack should receive extra care.

With the winter fast approaching, it is a good idea to assess all the areas of the home that require repair or updating, to make the colder months pass more pleasantly. Chimney stack repairs are a good way to start. If you’re confused about how to identify the need for this, here are a few common issues.

  1. Damaged brickwork

Brickwork will fail as time goes by and it is necessary to keep an eye out for cracks and loose pieces in order to identify when repairing is needed. In some cases, it is easier to simply repair pieces, otherwise, it may be necessary to replace joints altogether. However, small-time repair is only possible if the damage is caught early. To avoid long-term damage, it is essential to be aware of things that may potentially be expensive to repair.

  1. Leaks

A lack of regular chimney stack repairs can lead to leakage. Not only will damage cause water from rain or snow to trickle down and damage the chimney, but cracks can also cause smoke to leak out and cause a negative impact on the chimney’s ventilation system. Once again, regular maintenance is the key. Cracks can often be repaired with a coating of cement to avoid leaks.

  1. Leaning

Leaning of the chimney stacks refers to the angle of the stacks away from the direction of the wind. This means that the side more often exposed to wind will be more at risk than the other. A small degree of leaning is quite common, however, in extreme cases, it is necessary to take down and rebuild the entire stack. If the situation is not extreme, chimney stack repair experts recommend monitoring the situation and contacting a professional if the condition worsens.

Due to the lack of awareness about the need for preservation, chimney stack repairs are one of the most complicated and yet overlooked aspects of chimney repair. However, if you keep an eye out for any damage found in your chimney stacks, and contact a professional immediately, you can avoid the hassle of repairing a major problem later in the year when the weather will make it more difficult.

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