Local roofing services- The top 5 roof problems we see in the Exeter area

All local roofing services will aim, first and foremost, to provide solutions to problems prevalent in the areas they operate. We offer our services to those living in Exeter and Devon, and here we list the common problems we encounter and fix in the local area every day.

1. Poor installation If your roof is not installed properly to begin with, you are sure to experience a multitude of issues ranging from leaks to punctures, for the remainder of your roof’s life. Poor installation usually occurs when customers opt for anyone other than professional local roofing services to carry out the job. In addition, only a local roofing service can tell buyers what kind of materials would be suitable for their home, with reference to the geography and climate of the area they live in, and availability of supplies required.

2. Guttering issues Another common problem that local roofing companies often deal with is guttering issues. Clogs due to excess rainwater and debris can cause damage to your roof, and in extreme cases can cause the gutters to pull away and fall off altogether. In other cases, the clogs can cause leaks and moisture build-up that may seep into the house. To avoid this, regular maintenance is necessary.

3. Weather damage The South West is known for its unpredictable weather and, unfortunately, roofs face the brunt of it. Rain, hail, wind and sometimes even the odd snow-day can cause unforeseen damage to your roof. Roof shingles can be eroded and heavy rainfall can be another cause of build-up, mould and leaks.

4. Nature As wonderful as living in the countryside and surrounded by trees can be, it can sometimes be hard on your roof. Bad weather conditions can cause trees to uproot and fall, and loose branches can do a lot of damage to your roof too. Sometimes, a tree or plant may seem harmless, but its close proximity to your roof can be hazardous. In order to ensure your roof is safe from external threats, your local roofing company should be employed to judge whether or not any harm could be done to your home.

5. Wildlife It’s another charm of living close to nature but insects, small animals and even birds can be quite harmful to your roof. Birds’ nests can dislocate shingles and damage the frame of your roof, while insects have a nasty habit of turning up where they are least wanted. In addition, overflowing gutters or standing rainwater often attract mosquitoes and flies, which are unhygienic and a nuisance. Regular maintenance carried out your local roofing services should help reduce the chances of these issues arising.

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