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Keeping a chimney in excellent condition for the full life span of your home often means regular repairs and maintenance. When it comes to chimney repairs, Exeter is never short of work for professionals like us! Here are some of the most common chimney problems we see in the area, and the solutions.

1. Leaking flues

If your chimney is leaking smoke into your home, rather than outwards, there is a good chance your flue has been damaged. This can occur due to a structural problem, such as a crack in the crown of the chimney, or the entrance of rainwater and other materials into the chimney. The easiest solution is to replace the liner within the flue, rather than take apart the entire chimney and build a new one! However, for such a project, it is essential to call a reliable professional, as not all chimney repairs are DIY jobs. It is essential to know which products to use during the repair.

2. Tar build up

Tar build-up occurs due to the smoke and noxious gases that flow up the chimney and out of the house. To combat this, regular cleaning of your chimney is essential. While this doesn’t come under chimney repairs, Exeter homeowners should carry out maintenance like this to avoid future problems.  When your chimney is well looked after, tar build-up shouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re not up for the job, companies who carry out chimney repairs will often offer anti-tar painting services to lessen the risk of build-up.

3. Structural damage

Structural damage is one of the main reasons people need chimney repairs. Exeter and other areas where the temperamental weather conditions can often lead to the breakage of tree branches and other objects are at a higher risk of structural damage. In addition, rainwater can corrode bricks, wood and steel – materials that are present in most chimneys.

4. Not drawing well

A draft-prone chimney and the inability to draw up smoke is another common problem. It is vital to keep the room well ventilated and the damper open to maintain an operational chimney. Should problems persist, chimney repair professionals will be able to advise you whether your flue needs replacing, your chimney needs to be cleaned more regularly, or if there are external factors – such as the weather and wind direction – affecting the performance of your chimney.

5. Damp and staining

Damp and staining problems vary, depending on the level of damage done. Often, they are patchy and can be repaired easily with new paint and a good clean, but sometimes the problem becomes worse the longer it is left unattended to. To solve this, we can replace the damaged plasterwork with a new one that cannot be permeated by dampness, and check the structure of the chimney to see if something else is contributing to the problem.

6. Chimney stacks that have undergone a chimney fire

Chimney fires are the most dangerous problem that may arise due to problems left unattended. If your chimney has suffered a fire, the flue will need to be replaced in the aftermath, and regular cleaning should take place in order to remove the danger of another fire starting.

7. Corroded steel liners

Stainless steel liners or flues are an integral part of any chimney, and though they are designed to withstand most of the regular corrosion that can occur in a chimney, often the build up of acidic materials and toxic gases can cause their lifespan to lessen. If this is the reason you’ve called for a chimney repair, Exeter homeowners will be pleased to head that a replacement liner can be easily fitted.

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