What is the National Trust?

The National Trust is a conservation organisation, founded on the philosophy and importance of preserving our nations heritage and open spaces, for now and generations to come, ever since 1895. From historic interest to natural beauty, it prides itself in being the largest membership organisation in the UK; allowing income to be reinvested into their properties and land, and making vital conservation and preservation, such as our heritage roofing made possible.

Set up by Octavia Hill, one of the greatest entrepreneurs in British history, her legacy still surrounds us all today. Looking after coastline, forests, woods, fens, beaches, farmland, moorland, islands, archaeological remains, nature reserves, villages, historic houses, gardens, mills and pubs, the National Trust look after, restore and protect, enabling enjoyment and access to everyone. Over 500 historic houses, castles, ancient monuments gardens and parks and nature reserves are in their care, as well as occupying 775 miles of coastline and 248,000 hectares of land. As Octavia’s mission is still relevant today, “It may not be given to us to make our offering by contributing to the purchase of land or building, but in some form, tangible or invisible, let us resolve that some sacrifice shall be made, some lasting gift devoted, by us, for our own dear England.”

Heritage within the National Trust, related to a particular culture from the past and operating historical importance; is the reason roofing of heritage buildings is particularly specialist and skilled. Roofing is one of the most essential components to your home or any heritage building, as it acts as almost an umbrella, a first line of defence, providing protection from changing climates. The material, construction and durability are all important elements in roof design and conservation. Equally, ensuring proper roof maintenance and using adequate quality materials to match your current building design will be ensured; slating and tiling in particular.

They really are unique and an organisation like no other. Relying purely on the support of their members, donors and volunteers, as well as income from grant-making bodies and commercial activities such as retail and catering, to look after the places in their care. Thus, as a roofing organisation based in Exeter, founded on the importance of conservation and heritage, supporting the National Trust is a must. We truly recommend a visit to Killerton House at this beautiful time of year, one of the nearest National Trust properties to us, just outside of Exeter. Occupying a glorious landscape garden surrounded by parkland and a fine 18th century house with renowned historical fashion collection, “working to preserve and protect historical places and spaces – for ever, for everyone.”

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