Winters Coming! Protecting your roof this winter

Summers coming to an end and it only means one thing; winter is just around the corner. The nights will soon be drawing in, the temperature dropping and its time to prepare your household for the cold winter weather. With our current climate conditions, its expected that we should brace ourselves for significantly colder winters from 2016 onwards and with changes in wind flow and salinity in the Northern Atlantic could also lead to lower temperatures in Britain all year round. The last thing you want to worry about is your roof becoming unstable or damaged, so here’s a few tips to protect your home.

Snow but principally ice is a major cause of winter weather problems in this country. So unexpected and often hard to notice, they can lead to roof damage, guttering being torn off the roof or blocked. Always keep a long handled rake at hand so you can brush snow off to stop the accumulation and always keep your guttering clear. Equally, broken roof tiles can prove problematic since when one goes, more often follow. Aim to visually check your roof this month, so if any look unstable or cracked you can get them fixed and replaced before the cold winter weather. At Exeter Roofing, with over 19 years of experience we know small mistakes or problems cause leaks and structural damage, so always try to contact professionals since roofing, though often underrated is specialist.

Though broken tiles aren’t the only problem as dirty tiles can cause issues, with accumulation of moss and algae. These cannot only make your house look untidy but make the roof unsafe.  Whilst it’s not on the outside of the roof, poor insulation can cause a number of problems, namely the formation of ice dams. Always check your insulation before the winter, as if the roof is too warm snow and ice can melt and fall off, running down the gutter, often refreezing and subsequently creating a blockage that will get bigger, weighing down the whole guttering system.

So always look for broken or dirty tiles, check your insulation, keep your guttering clear and keep a rake at hand to clear any moss, dirt or snow off to allow for maximum roof protection this winter. We offer slate repair, replacement, new roof installation, pitched and flat roof repairs and consultations, so feel free to get in contact with us; no job is too big or small.

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