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  1. A Timeline of the Evolution of Roofing

    When you’re researching new roofing materials, it’s interesting to look at the evolution of roofs over time, particularly how preferences have changed over the years. Below, we look at some of the older and newer roofing materials, exploring the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Slate Did you know that slate has actually been used […]

  2. The Top 10 Benefits of a New Roof

    Getting a new roof sounds lovely, doesn’t it? It’s a chance to modernise, with fresh new tiles and guttering. It’s the exterior reflection of your inevitably clean and tidy life, displayed for all your neighbours to see… But wait. What about your priorities? What about your rising energy bills, or short-term investments in things you […]

  3. What Type of Roofing is Best for New Builds?

    So, you’re building a new property. Whether you plan for it to be your own home, or someone else’s, you’re looking for the best quality materials for the walls, floors and décor. But what about the roof? Choosing new home roofing is difficult – not only is a roof part of the overall design of […]

  4. Things to Consider When Choosing Your Roofing Material

    We’ve previously talked about the vast selection of roofing materials available on the market. However, if you’re a homeowner, the time to decide may be just around the corner. Which material to choose? The truth is that there is no trump card material. The different types of roofing materials each offer benefits which are more […]

  5. Repairing Your Roof: Why You Shouldn’t DIY

    Leaks, unruly tiles, and dodgy contractors. No one likes them. However, for those homeowners who are thinking of a little roofing DIY, fair warning. Roofing’s greatest problems are best solved by the experienced selection of roofing contractors Devon has to offer. The experienced roofing contractors Devon offers will save you time Time is important to […]

  6. A Guide to Protecting Your Roof During Winter | Exeter Roofing

    Winter is coming! Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, it can’t be denied that temperatures have begun to drop, and the frosty season will soon be upon us. That means evenings by the fire, Crimbo festivities, and praying for snow – exactly how the colder months should be spent. Nobody wants their […]

  7. How Do You Maintain a Green Roof?

    Back in March, we blogged about the benefits of green roofs. Their stunning natural beauty, coupled with the benefits of reducing heat and noise in cities, make them a modern and sustainable alternative to more traditional materials. However, one of the reasons they are not being adopted by more sustainably-minded homeowners is that maintaining a […]

  8. Lead, Felt or Rubber Roofing? We’ve Got the Answer!

    In our previous blog post, we uncovered the benefits and drawbacks of tiles, slate, and sheet metal as roofing material options, the latter now leading us to lead, felt and rubber. Each of these is suited to different types of roof. Read on to discover which is likely to do the best job for you. […]

  9. Which Roofing Material is Best for Your Roof?

    Choosing the best roofing material isn’t always a top priority for homeowners – what difference does it make having tiles or metal, rubber or lead? But not doing your research could have a big impact, both financially and on the safety and health of your building, so we’re here with our lowdown of the best […]

  10. Roofing Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

    With style inspiration everywhere, we should be at no loss for ideas on how to decorate and care for the interior of our homes. But when it comes to the roof, the general population isn’t so clued up. We’ve seen more roofing mistakes than you can shake an aerial at, so read ahead for our […]

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