With over 19 years of experience in roofing, our team has worked on countless projects. Here is just a glimpse of some of our work. If you require references, please let us know.


This listed property is a small semi detached cottage. We managed to save as many slates as possible when stripping the roof, this is a Bude rag style roof, and the slates were fixed directly to the rafters, without the need for any membranes.
The hips are close mitred, but the difficulty with this roof was the three elevations all had different degree pitches.
Normally when slating mitred hips all elevation need to be the same pitch.


Re-Roofed this lovely old listed farmhouse, near Tedburn St. Mary, Exeter.
We managed to save just over 60% of the Welsh slates, we used this on the front of the house and then on the rear we used new Prime Spanish slates.
The customer couldn’t afford to re slate with new or reclaimed Welsh slate, so this was a good compromise.


Slate waste from Trevillett Slate Quarry.
Delivered on site and then the slates were then sorted, split, dressed, sized and holed ready for slating using wooden pegs.
The style of slating is called Scantle slating or 3 1/2 pin slating, and this would have been used by the poorer communities who couldn’t afford to buy larger slates to put on their roofs. This was a cheaper option.


Large new and reclaimed Welsh slates, wooden pegged and hot lime head bedded in areas over stone walls.

Lead roof

Replacement of lead dorma roof in Exeter City centre on a grade 2 listed property.

Rag slating

These are completed photos of rag slating to a listed property in Trevadlock, Cornwall. We carefully removed the slates, which were slated directly onto the rafters, salvaged as many slates as possible then bought in reclaimed rag slates. We then re slated by nailing the slates with 50mm copper nails directly back to the rafters without the use or any membranes.

Before and After

Repairs to verge detail on a property in Belmont Road, Exeter:

Complete overhaul of box gutter, removing old lead, creating new boarded steps and replacing with new lead. Works were carried out at a property in Blackboy Road, Exeter.

Complete re-roof to a property in Chagford using prime Spanish slates.

Other Examples

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