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  1. How Do You Maintain a Green Roof?

    Back in March, we blogged about the benefits of green roofs. Their stunning natural beauty, coupled with the benefits of reducing heat and noise in cities, make them a modern and sustainable alternative to more traditional materials. However, one of the reasons they are not being adopted by more sustainably-minded homeowners is that maintaining a […]

  2. Lead, Felt or Rubber Roofing? We’ve Got the Answer!

    In our previous blog post, we uncovered the benefits and drawbacks of tiles, slate, and sheet metal as roofing material options, the latter now leading us to lead, felt and rubber. Each of these is suited to different types of roof. Read on to discover which is likely to do the best job for you. […]

  3. Which Roofing Material is Best for Your Roof?

    Choosing the best roofing material isn’t always a top priority for homeowners – what difference does it make having tiles or metal, rubber or lead? But not doing your research could have a big impact, both financially and on the safety and health of your building, so we’re here with our lowdown of the best […]

  4. Roofing Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

    With style inspiration everywhere, we should be at no loss for ideas on how to decorate and care for the interior of our homes. But when it comes to the roof, the general population isn’t so clued up. We’ve seen more roofing mistakes than you can shake an aerial at, so read ahead for our […]

  5. Exploring the Benefits of Green Roofs

    From stunning Instagram homes to magazine pages and episodes of Grand Designs, roofs which embrace flora, fauna, foliage and flamboyance are a modern phenomenon. Though they’re often seen adorning schools and modern office buildings, there’s no reason why they can’t sit on top of your very own home. And they come with a bunch of […]

  6. Top 3 Flat Roof Drainage Solutions | Exeter Roofing

    Flat roofs can be a blessing or a curse. Those who are lucky enough to live in hot countries can use them as locations for picnics, romantic dinners or simply to chill out under the stars. But for us, here in Britain, flat roofs can be known for dodgy drainage. But there’s always an answer! Check […]

  7. Looking to sell your house? You might want to read this first!

    Every homeowner knows that there will likely come a time in their life when they need to make the call to the estate agent and talk about selling up and moving house. However, this is a competitive business. Especially in today’s housing market, people tend to do as much as possible in order to increase […]

  8. The Best Leadwork Contractors for Lead Roofing – what you need to know

    Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in a contractor’s line of work is what material is the most popular when it comes to roofing. Though a professional will insist it varies from place to place, one thing is certain – leadwork contractors certainly are more in demand than anyone else. Of course, that is not […]

  9. How Often Should You Clean Your Gutter?

    When it comes to gutter cleaning, Exeter or any other city, it can be a tricky job. Particularly with the unpredictable weather conditions and the busy lives that most of us lead. Unfortunately, cleaning your gutters is a necessity that, when ignored for too long, can cause serious problems. If you are curious to learn […]

  10. Lead roof specialists’ tips: repair or renew a lead roof.

    Lead is a commonly used material in roofing, and is also responsible for some of the oldest surviving roofs today. It is due to its widespread use, however, that lead roof specialists highly recommend people to keep an eye on their roof, and ensure that procedures for repairing and/or renewing are being followed. If you’re […]

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