6 Summer Roof Maintenance Tips

Summer is in full swing, meaning better weather and longer days to enjoy it. It also means it might be time for some roof maintenance so that you can get it in shape and ready for the harsher winter weather.

We associate most roofing problems with winter and the adverse weather conditions we can experience here in the UK, so summer roof maintenance is an important way to prepare for this. It’s also a safer time to work on your roof! Here are our top 6 summer roof maintenance tips.

Clean the gutters

We’re starting simple, but one of the best things you can do to keep your roof in good condition is to regularly clean the gutters. If it’s been a while since you last did this, now is a perfect time, as the conditions are less likely to be damp and slippery and the debris you will need to remove will be dry and easier to sweep out. A build-up of debris in guttering can cause a blockage and sagging or breakage of the gutter, and the pooling water can overflow onto the roof, causing further damage.

Inspect the roof for any damage or wear and tear

All roofs will eventually suffer a little wear and tear, but summer is a good opportunity to inspect yours for any signs of a more serious problem. Roof damage doesn’t happen exclusively in winter. Prolonged periods of intense UV light from the sun can have adverse effects on tiles that could reduce their flexibility and eventually make them brittle and prone to cracking. Look for tiles that are warped or are a drastically different colour to those around them, as this is an indicator of sun damage.

Look out for broken or missing tiles and get them replaced

When you are inspecting the roof for wear and tear, you should also be looking out for any broken or missing tiles. Whilst it’s not uncommon for the odd tile to break or come loose, the absence of a functional tile creates a weak spot in the roof where moisture can enter the property and heat can escape. Replace any tiles that are broken or missing immediately to give your roof the best chance of surviving the winter weather.

Identify any mould or moss and give the roof a clean

Moss and mould are indicators that your roof has a moisture problem. This could be due to missing tiles or shingles, or because the roof is in the shade of nearby trees or another building. Use a specialised mould and moss cleaner to remove the problem. Once the mould has been removed, clean the area and, if necessary, treat it with a moss and mould prevention. Be sure to check the inside of the property for any mould as well, as this could indicate there is a weakness in the roof where moisture can ingress.

Inspect the flashing

The flashing that surrounds your chimney can allow water to ingress into the property if it has become loose, damaged, or the seal is no longer tight. Look out for anywhere the flashing has warped or the edges have come away from the roof tile. The flashing may need to be replaced if it has become significantly misshapen or the seal cannot be made secure again.

Cut back overhanging trees

Our final summer roof maintenance tip is to cut back any trees that overhang your property. Overhanging trees are dangerous for two reasons – they provide shade to an area of your roof that creates a fertile environment for moss and mould to grow, and they also present a hazard during summer storms, where the extreme weather conditions can cause them to fall or large branches to break off and damage your roof. Whilst some greenery surrounding your home is very aesthetic, overhanging trees are not worth the risk.

Summer roof maintenance is essential as it becomes a lot more difficult to make repairs come winter. The longer summer days mean more workable hours to fix problems and safer conditions whilst up on ladders or the roof itself. Whilst it may be tempting to wait until there is a problem before spending money on roof repairs, preventative and precautionary action will save money in the long run.

We hope this guide to our summer maintenance tips has been useful! If you encounter any damage that you are concerned about or repairs that need the help of a professional roofer, you’re welcome to get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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