Are Flat Roofs Covered by Home Insurance?

One question we often get asked is whether flat roofs are covered by home insurance. Understandably, people want to know whether they will be reimbursed if anything goes wrong! In this blog, we answer this important question, looking at the situation when it comes to flat roofs and insurance.

Are flat roofs covered by insurance?

Some flat roofs will be covered by your regular home insurance provider. However, this might not always be the case and will depend on factors such as the material use. Therefore, you will likely need to get specialist flat roof insurance which covers a wide range of materials.

What qualifies as a flat roof under insurance?

A flat roof is a roof which has a slope of less than 10 degrees. Due to its lack of slope, it can be more difficult to cover on your regular home insurance. However, if only a small portion of your roof is flat – say less than a third – it’s unlikely to make a big difference to your regular home insurance.

Why does a flat roof affect home insurance?

Flat roofs tend to be seen as a greater risk than other roofs which is why they might not be covered on your standard home insurance.

This is because water, ice and snow can gather on a flat roof, whereas it would usually drain or slide off on a sloped roof. This pooling and gathering on the surface of a flat roof means that your home is more vulnerable to leaks and weather damage. In turn, this means you are generally more likely to make a claim on your insurance.

Other factors include the fact that (some, not all) flat roofs will have a shorter lifespan than something like a slate roof or a pitched tile roof. They will also need more maintenance over time and they’re associated with a higher risk of burglary. All this will increase the price of your home insurance premiums or mean that home insurers avoid you.

Should I get specialist flat roof insurance?

In short, yes, at least in the majority of cases. Specialist flat roof insurers are far more knowledgeable in the specific risks that come with the various types of flat roof and will take your situation into account.

Flat roof insurers can cover a range of materials, including metal, concrete, PVC, bitumen, felt over timber frames and more.

They will also likely carry out regular inspections of your roof every few years. This is a bonus because it can help to keep your roof properly maintained and in a good state.
Here at Exeter Roofing, we will ensure that the insurance work for your roof is properly undertaken. You can get in touch with us to find out more.

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