Can Pressure Washing Damage Roof Tiles?

Pressure washing roof tiles is something that requires the right technique. Whether you’re wanting to pressure wash your roof because of a build-up of moss or just to have a general clean up, it’s important to be aware of exactly what you are doing before you begin. While it won’t damage your roof if done correctly, it can also have serious implications for your roofing if it goes wrong. 

It’s important not to let moss and algae build up on your roof, especially as this could lead to leaks. Having said that, we always recommend approaching pressure washing with care and perhaps leaving it to a professional if you’re unsure – you don’t want to cause damage to your roof unnecessarily. 

Getting the right pressure

If you are looking to pressure wash your roof yourself, it is critical to remember that the pressure of your washer cannot be too high. The main reason for this is that a high pressure may strip the surface from your roof tiles. This will reduce the life expectancy of your roof drastically and you could end up having to pay for a new roof much sooner than you expected.

Choosing your detergent

When it comes to washing your roof, we suggest that you start by applying a good quality detergent as this will make it easier to remove any moss or dirt that has collected on the roof. The detergent is a good base for cleaning the roof and it means you will not need to use a high pressure when washing it.

The pressure washing process

Once you have applied the detergent to the roof, it is then recommended that you use a low pressure to spray the roof clean. To start, you need to ensure that you have selected the correct tip for your pressure washer and chosen a safe and dry place to stand on your roof. This will help to prevent any injuries from occurring, as wet roofing tiles can be incredibly slippery. 

Remember to spray downwards towards the gutters of your roof to ensure that the water isn’t going to get trapped beneath the tiles. You should also hold the pressure washer at a suitable distance from the roof when spraying so that you don’t cause any damage to the tiles.

How often should you pressure wash your roof?

Less is more when it comes to cleaning your roof as too much water can potentially damage the tiles. Therefore, it is recommended that you only do this process one or two times a year.

While you may want to give it a go yourself, we always recommend getting a professional in for roof cleaning. Your roof is too large an investment to damage when you aren’t exactly sure what you are doing. If you’re looking for more information on pressure washing roof tiles, be sure to contact us today.

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