Can You Live In Your House While the Roof Is Replaced?

If you are planning to have significant roofing work done, then you may be wondering whether you can still live in the house while the roof is replaced. We take a look at your options while the roofing work is being completed. 

In most cases, you can live in your house while the roof is replaced

While it can be an inconvenience, in most cases you can still live at home while your roof is being replaced. Even if the work takes a few days, it should not impact your normal daily routine or your ability to stay in the house. However, you may be restricted from accessing the loft, and the workers’ equipment may mean entering and exiting the property is difficult at times. 

If you don’t mind the extra noise and disruption, then you may find it easier to just stay at home during the reroofing rather than find and potentially pay for alternative accommodation.

Reasons you may consider staying elsewhere during the reroofing

While you can live in a house while the roof is replaced, some people may find the experience uncomfortable and choose to stay elsewhere during this time.

1. Disturbances such as loud noises can be disruptive if you are working from home or for pets

While, in most cases, it is safe to stay at home during a roof replacement, it can be loud and disruptive work. If you work from home, have young children or have anxious pets, then the noise of the reroofing might not be ideal for you, and you may want to consider finding alternative accommodation for your family or pets.

2. You may not be able to enter and exit the property as easily because of scaffolding and the danger of falling debris

While the process of reroofing takes place on the exterior of the property, roofers will need a lot of equipment, as well as scaffolding and ladders to reach the roof. This may impact your usual entry and exit routes into the property, which could be inconvenient if you need to leave in a rush. 

Additionally, while a professional roofer will take all necessary precautions to avoid this, there is the danger of debris falling from the roof while they carry out the roof, which could cause harm.

3. You may need to park your car away from the house, which can be inconvenient if there is no on-street parking nearby

If you have a driveway where you usually park your car, you will likely be advised to move it while the roof replacement is carried out, to eliminate the chance of your car being damaged by falling debris or at the very least becoming covered in dust. The roofers may also need the driveway clear to carry materials to the property safely, park their vans or place a skip for the collection of the old roofing materials.

4. While the roofers will clean up after themselves, there will be a lot of debris, mess and dust

All good roofers should thoroughly clean up after themselves once the work is completed, leaving your home in even better condition than before due to its new roof. However, the process is very messy and while the work is in progress, you can expect a lot of debris, dust, and general mess around your property which some people will not enjoy suffering through. 

While you can live in a house while the roof is replaced, there are several valid reasons you might choose not to. It is down to personal choice as, in most cases, there should not be any safety issues with staying in the property – it is a question of comfort.

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