Is Moss on Roof Tiles an Issue?

Moss, a common green substance that frequently grows on roofs, is usually thought to be an ugly addition to a property. However, it isn’t just the aesthetics that you should be concerned with when it comes to moss on roof tiles. 

Moss can cause more damage to your property than you might realise. Some would argue that moss on your roof isn’t a big deal, but unless you want to pay out for major repairs or even a new roof, it’s best to get it cleaned as soon as possible. 

Below, we’ve outlined some problems that can occur if moss is left alone for too long.

You may need to buy a new roof sooner than originally planned

While this isn’t always the case, it could end up being the very expensive solution if the problem isn’t dealt with. Having moss on your roof can actually take years away from its life, particularly with shingled roofs. 

This can lead to you spending far more money on roof replacements than you anticipated. Unless you want to fork out for a new roof, it’s best that you get the moss on your roof tiles cleaned before it causes real damage.

Structural issues

In more severe cases, moss growth can lead to the structural damage of your property. This happens when moss plants roots on the roof and starts the process of degradation. Eventually, this will create holes in the roof, allowing rainwater in. In turn, this will begin to damage the internal structure of your property, as well as the external.

It can obstruct drainage

If you notice that you have a blocked drain, a likely cause could be excess moss on your roof that has fallen off and obstructed your drainage system. This can become worse over time due to the fact that moss expands in freezing cold weather, so it’s best to get this sorted sooner rather than later.

Removing the moss

While moss on roof tiles is an issue that needs to be sorted, structural problems can make your property unsafe for climbing. Therefore, it’s best to get a professional to assess the situation and organise your moss removal.

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