What Type of Roofing is Best for New Builds?

So, you’re building a new property. Whether you plan for it to be your own home, or someone else’s, you’re looking for the best quality materials for the walls, floors and décor.

But what about the roof?

Choosing new home roofing is difficult – not only is a roof part of the overall design of the house, but its material has to do its job of protecting the home from the elements for many years to come.

A lot of materials are designed to both blend in with the stylistic tone of a new build, and to serve their protective purpose effectively. Here are our choices for the top materials you should consider for your new build roof.

Slate Roofing

It’s a classic British choice, but the practical benefits of slate roofing are multiple.

It’s one of the longest lasting materials out there. Hard slate can last up to 200 years, although the length of life can be anything after 75 years. Either way, a lifetime’s worth of fending off snow and storms is good going for this humble rock.

Against the elements, slate can also boast incredible durability. Despite being a natural material, it very rarely scratches, breaks, cracks or chips. This means that, not only does your new build roof protect you by reducing the risk of damage in a storm, but your roof will look good as new over the years.

Finally, we cannot forget slate’s image. It is an iconic material on many roofs around Britain today, associated with regions such as Wales and Northamptonshire, although it’s also used on modern projects all over the world. Its sleek design, range of tones and colours, and classic look are some of the many benefits of slate roofing. These alone are good enough to consider slate for new home roofing.


Concrete Roofing

Concrete may not seem the obvious choice for placing metres above the heads of those living in your new build, but concrete roofing is a modern alternative to durable materials from days gone by.

As you might expect, it’s heavy but durable and reliable. It’s also worth remembering that concrete is constructed from broken up stone mixed with sand and cement – so it’s basically like protecting your home with rocks. How’s that for protection against the elements?

Concrete roofing is designed for long-term performance. It lasts for a minimum of 60 years in average conditions. Concrete tiles are constructed, meaning that your new build roof can take on the semblance of traditional, if less sturdy, tiles. Due to the material being made from scratch, there’s a wider variety of shapes and colours available than new home roofing materials which are natural. This means it can suit any style of new-build property.

Finally, concrete tiles are economical. Not only are they far cheaper to buy than many natural alternatives, but they are also easy to maintain. Unlike lighter roofing, they won’t need many visits from the professionals, and therefore are also economic in savings homeowners can make on expert advice and fixes.


Clay Tile Roofing

Perhaps the most traditional roofing material, the clay tile is a stalwart on the roofing scene, and here to stay for many years to come.

Clay is long lasting but requires, as one might expect, occasional maintenance to fix broken tiles which have not withstood storms. That being said, clay roofs are durable, lasting for a minimum of 60 years on average (if well maintained). Being light in colour, clay roofs benefit from absorbing less heat; when tiles are dark, they can absorb more heat which ultimately leads to cracks – a big red flag for new home roofing.

They have remained popular because of their traditional orange colour and the general understanding of clay roof maintenance. They can be washed with a pressure washer, though this is best done from a safe location or by a professional. They are also available in a variety of shapes and colours, each lending a classic look to a home.

Clay tile roofing also boasts other attributes, such as being unlikely to rot and being fire resistant – which together as part of your new build roof will aid ease of living and safety in your property.


Which to choose?

If you’re in the process of building, or planning on it, great new home roofing should be a top priority from both a design and practicality standpoint.

If you’re unsure which material is for you, we’d love to talk to you, and offer advice on how to make the best decision for your new build home. Simply get in touch with us to find out more.


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