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Winter is coming! Whether you’re a Game of Thrones fan or not, it can’t be denied that temperatures have begun to drop, and the frosty season will soon be upon us.

That means evenings by the fire, Crimbo festivities, and praying for snow – exactly how the colder months should be spent. Nobody wants their Christmas to be dominated by worrying about winter roof maintenance. So, let’s get it sorted now. Read on to find out how…

Be Prepared

The Scout motto applies to more than just Bear Grylls. Any homeowner can be prepared for winter by making sure their roof is in tip-top shape.

  • Expecting snow? Get an inspection and some winter roof maintenance done now. This will highlight any weaknesses that might cause you grief at a later date and give your roofers time to get it fixed.
  • Insulation matters: Maintaining a warm roof will ensure snow and ice slide off without causing blockages. These can have disastrous consequences for gutters if they build up too much. Insulation is your friend – so fit more if it’s advised.
  • Check for broken roof materials: A healthy roof will support your home through the stormiest of weather. An easy form of winter roof maintenance is observation: looking from inside your dark attic is a quick way of spotting any bursts of daylight coming through. Replace or fix anything dodgy as soon as possible.

Fix Felt Roofing

Felt roofing has a relatively high level of maintenance – but if you’ve left yours for a while without an inspection, autumn is the time for this essential. Replacing the oil layer will help to maintain its waterproof qualities. Getting your roofer to check for any imperfections at the edges of the roof will also help things stay watertight.

Buy yourself a roof rake

In Britain, we may not ever receive enough snow that it requires physical exertion to remove it from the roof. However, snow is notoriously fickle, so the situation could arise, especially in Northern areas and high land. Snow build-up could cause damage to guttering if it ices over. When these chunks fall from the roof, they can also cause damage to objects below like cars. It’s best to eliminate the risk and go over the roof yourself with a long-handled rake for some personal winter roof maintenance.

It’s gutting when guttering fails

So, fail-proof it now! Having gutters cleaned during the autumn will remove blockages of leaves and debris, and ensure that by the time icy weather arrives, there won’t be any clogs which stop the flow of water from your roof. If you’re safe, clearing low guttering is something you can do yourself, although anything high up should be cleared by a qualified roofer. Flushing out your gutters is a great winter roof maintenance move, before any unexpected early snow or vicious winter rain.

Check the surrounding area

Finally, ensure that your home is safe in all eventualities. This can include storms which could cause trees or branches to fall and damage the roof or other areas of the house. Ice can also accumulate on plants which weigh heavily on them and cause breakages. If you’re in a particularly wooded area, it’s worth consulting a specialist who can advise on what’s best for the trees, and more importantly, your home.

Don’t let the weather get to you – literally…

Holes in the roof? Leaky ceilings? No thank you. Prepare yourself for the cold snap in advance with our winter roof maintenance tips. With any luck, you won’t have any unwelcome snow in your dining room on Christmas day (atmospheric though that would be). Consult a qualified roofer who can give your roof an inspection, and advise you on what you can do to keep your home safe this winter.

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